Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Flower Pics From The Garden Society

I usually stroll through The Garden Society - a park and garden near the area where I live now and then. This garden has a collection of over 1500 different kinds of roses and I wanted to photograph so many of them! But when I was there in the beginning of this week the sun was a bit to high in the sky, so it was difficult to not get pictures that were too exposed. So instead I photographed some of their hydrangeas and roses that were growing in the shades :)

I hope to go to The Garden Society some day soon again, since I wouldn't want to miss out to photograph their beautiful rose collection before it has entirely bloomed out. Last year I captured their roses and wrote a post about this particular garden. It's so beautiful there - one of the most beautiful places in Gothenburg. Every time I walk around there I feel calm and happy.
DSC_3145 July is nice and hot! I'm in Southern Sweden during this weekend and last night one of my friends from high school got married. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I had a great time at the dinner and party afterwards - hanging out with some of my best friends, enjoying good food, desserts and listening to my friend, her husband, their relatives and friends sharing thoughts, memories and speeches about their love for each other.

I hope you've had a beautiful weekend too! See you soon! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Home by Sofia Byström - Part II

My Home By Sofia Byström - Part II My Home by Sofia Byström - Part II My Home by Sofia Byström - Part II
My Home by Sofia Byström - Part II My Home by Sofia Byström - Part II
My Home by Sofia Byström
Photography by Sofia Byström 2013

As promised - here's the second part of the pictures that photographer Sofia Byström took when she visited me in my aparment in May this year. You can view the first part here. :)

Also, make sure to visit Sofia's beautiful blog to see more of her photos!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Last Caitlin Dress

Caitlin Dress
Photography: Beata Rydén | Model: Elin Vestin | Styling: Lisa Marie Andersson

The Caitlin dress is a garment I made a long while ago - already in the spring of 2011. But I waited to launch it in a collection until the spring of 2012 because the print of the fabric matched the other prints in that collection better. It's become a personal favourite of mine and I'm so happy and grafeful that so many of you felt the same way since it has been continuously ordered since it was released last year.

Recently I found out that the fabric "Poppy & Daisy" in this colour way that I used for this dress won't be reprinted from Liberty of London. This one of my absolute favourite Liberty prints and I was so sad to hear that it's not going to exist anymore.

The Caitlin dress has been sold out for a little while but last week I managed to get a hold of the last 6 meters ever that they had left in stock in London to make som last Caitlin dresses. By now there is only fabric left for one single dress, so I'm just making a shout out to anyone of you who have been thinking about buying it to grab it quickly since it's the last chance to get it! :)

The Caitlin dress is available in the shop.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Peony Week

DSC_3124 This Monday I woke up to rain and grey skies so I decided to cheer myself up with some peonies, to at least keep the feeling of summer inside the apartment. And I think it was a good idea, since the bad weather continued during almost the entire week.

A great little flower shop that recently opened on my street had some lovely ones in light and darker pink. I decided to get some in both colours. Two of the light pink Sarah Bernhardt ones fell apart yesterday after having exploded into full bloom during the week, but the other ones are still left and are in their most beautiful state now.

Oh yes, I have a nerdiness/obsession when it comes to these flowers. I can go on and on and talk about them, look at them and I photograph them all the time. They make me very very happy. Their scent reminds me of my grandmother's garden and I feel so glad that we are in the middle of summer and that I've gotten to enjoy these beauties more than I expected this year.

My instagram feed has currently turned into a bit of a series of documenting these pretties, but they're just too beautiful to omit from any of the pictures - especially since I know that their time here every year is limited. So I take every chance I get. :) DSC_31191 DSC_31301 DSC_3141 DSC_31471 I hope you've had a beautiful weekend. The sun finally showed its face here yesterday so this weekend I've been enjoying some more real summer weather. See you next week!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Places to Visit: Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Palais de Tokyo
Palais de Tokyo
13 Avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris

On my last day in Paris my friend Ida and I went strolling around the city looking at old monuments such as the Eiffel tower, The Arc de Triomphe and Panthéon. We had the best ice cream ever at a place called Berthillon close to Notre-Dame and the Seine. The weather was really warm - almost tropical and the sun was shining all day long. The whole city was in a great summer mood.

Somewhere in between we found ourselves at Palais de Tokyo - the museum for modern and contemporary art, located in a beautiful building in the 16th arrondissement, just a short walk from Place du Trocadéro.

Besides seeing the exhibitions I fell a bit in love with their café and their outdoor seating at a marble terrace among the building's columns. The atmosphere was calm and the surroundings and the view from there was absolutely beautiful. The café offered delicious desserts like lemon meringue pie, raspberry pie and mousse with caramel sauce and sliced almonds.

If I didn't have a plane to catch in the evening I think I would have stayed there the whole day. On a sunny summer day this was really the ideal place to sit down at, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and desserts.
Palais de Tokyo
Palais de Tokyo
Palais de Tokyo
Palais de Tokyo Another thing I loved about Palais de Tokyo was their museum shop. It was filled with interesting art books, notebooks, beautiful postcards and washi tape among other things. I bought myself a new notebook from O-Check Design Graphics when I was there. Couldn't resist! ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Collected Paper Trails Retailer: Formfröken

Today I'm very happy to present the first retailer of the Collected Paper Trails collection. My origami birds and balls have just moved into the lovely Malmö based interior design store, Formfröken.

The store is sandwiched between some nice second hand furniture boutiques in the area off Fersens väg, close to the Opera house, with the cute Petite Violette as a close neighbour. I visited Formfröken for the first time in May, on my way to the harbour to have iced coffee, when the sun was on full display and the entire neighbourhood appeared in Saturday summer mood.

I was instantly charmed by the shop's positive energy, enjoying the airy atmosphere, beatiful square-patterned floor and, particularly, the mix of vintage and new things. Angelica Olofsson, the owner, turned out to be a darling person and I could have spent the entire day chatting over coffee with her.

I'm very pleased to see my paper decorations in her care, mingling with the elegant selection of cheramic birds, vintage furniture, redesigned clothes and pretty prints.

If you find yourself in Malmö I really recommend a visit to this store! :)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gloomy Summer Days and Thank You Hugs

I've been working on orders as usual in the studio this week. It's been cloudy and rainy almost every day since I got back from Paris. Today the city is covered in fog. I've bought a bunch of peonies just to keep the summer feeling inside the studio/apartment. I'm glad they are still around so I can enjoy them together with all the strawberries that came late this year!

Some thank you hugs:

In June I was interviewed by writer Anna Nisslert for NordicStyleMag. We talked a lot about being an idealist in the fashion business, trying to change the way people consume and the importance of feeling content. You can read the whole interview with me here.

Last week Ulrika Kullenberg, who runs the interior design blog Mackapär featured some pics that photographer Sofia Byström took of my home. I truly recommend a visit to Ulrika's blog - it's filled with inspiring interior pics.

Last but not least the lovely Nanna van Berlekom who runs the beautiful blog Så fint jag vill wrote a post about The Hamptons Collection and Collected Paper Trails last week. Nanna's blog has been on my reading list over the past months since I found it. It's has a summery, inspiring and warm feeling to it. I heartily recommend a visit there. 


The honeycomb animals are from Ingela Arrhenius. And the flowers in the pics are from my parent's garden in southern Sweden. I do wonder about the white flower - does anyone know the name of it? :)