Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lupin Love

Just before my trip to Paris I stayed a few days at my parent’s place in southern Sweden. On our way from the grocery store in the car I spotted a little field of lupins by the side of the road. Later that same day, I took a my camera for a walk and took some close-ups of them.

The lupins were surrounded by bumblebees, it felt a bit scary - but they were kind enough to let me take my pics. :) It was quite amazing to stand in the field surrounded by those flowers. I always remember seeing them every summer in different roadsides.

June is such a great flower month - I currently have a few lupins in a vase at home and I also hope I will be able to have one last bouquet of peonies before their season here is over. Now we are moving towards the middle of the summer. I can't belieive it's already the first of July tomorrow!

Thank you so so much for your kind comments about the new collection - I am forever grateful about them :)

See you soon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Up The Wooden Hills: Take Me To The Hamptons 2013 - Part I

Lana Dress Photography: Åsa Lännerström 
Model & Styling: Lisa Marie Andersson 
Studio & Photo Assistant: Karin Dahlström Mönefors

It's finally here - the first part of my collection for 2013 titled "Take Me To The Hamptons". I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be able to present it. The collection is captured by the photographer Åsa Lännerström who I also worked together with last year.

I've been working on these garments for quite a while - every time I had between orders. I didn't want the working process to be stressful this time in any way, so that's why I decided to divide the collection into two parts. The second part of the collection will be released later this summer.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post this collection is very inspired by my grandmother Signe's garden, The Hamptons, including Edith "Little Edie", Bouvier Beale from the documentary Grey Gardens, and summer vacation road trips in southern Sweden that I went on with my family as a kid. Working alone means I also get to listen to a lot of music, so music is also an underlying theme here. :)

Since I did The Blue Hour collection last year I’ve continued to work a lot with fabrics that include a blue colour palette. The print that I've used the most is titled "Willow" and it has intense big blue flowers with some white elements in it. I fell instantly in love with it the first time I saw it and it has had a very special place in my heart since then.

Once again I have to say that this year has been really amazing and I want to give you all a big thank you hug for being so supportive of my work, for all your orders, kind response and blog posts. I also want to say thank you to mine and Åsa's friend Karin Dahlström Mönefors for letting us borrow her photo studio and equipment.

 Last but not least I want to give Åsa a million thank you hugs for shooting my collection this year again and for her patience with me being silly in front of the camera - for some reason I couldn't seem to stop laughing during this photoshoot. :)

I hope you will like this first part of the colletion. If you want to see more pictures of each garment you can view them on the website or even more detailed in the shop.

Esther Dress Esther Dress Esther Dress Lana Dress Lana Dress Lana Dress Dawn Blouse Dawn Blouse Dawn Blouse Edie Dress Edie Dress Zooey Dress Zooey Dress Zooey Dress Lou Lou Blouse Lou Lou Blouse Lou Lou Blouse

Up The Wooden Hills 2013.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I

My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I UTWH home by Sofia Bystrom My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I paris map and coffee by sofia bystrom My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I UTWH work desk by Sofia Bystrom My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I My Home by Sofia Byström - Part I vinylspelarePhotography by Sofia Byström 2013

A few weeks ago the very talented photographer Sofia Byström visited me to take some pictures of my apartment for her portfolio and for an asigmnent at her photography education.

It was a sunny Friday morning and we had a nice time, drank coffee, ate Danish pastry and talked about working with a creative profession. I really admire Sofia, she is such a great photographer and if you haven't visited her blog you really should go there to see more of her beautiful work.

It's always exciting to see your own home through the eyes of a great photographer. I hope you like these pics! After Paris I will post a part II with some more photos Sofia took when she was here. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Peony Love - Late Spring, Early Summer

DSC_28201 DSC_27891 DSC_28771 It's that time of the year again! I feel like I waited so long to finally be able to buy and enjoy my first boquet of peonies this year. I really love this time of the season, I wish it would never end. Peonies are my absolute favourite flowers. They bring so much joy and I love their shapes, colours and scents. My grandmother always had them in her garden so I remember being amazed by them at a very young age. It has also become a tradition for me to make a post about them here on the blog during late spring and early summer every year :)

Summer has just started here and it feels unreal and amazing.  I hope I will be able to publish the lookbook pics from the new collection before heading off to Paris later this week. It feels exciting to show the garments as a whole for the first time, but also a bit nervous. :)

I hope you've had a beautiful weekend. See you soon! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Collected Paper Trails by Up The Wooden Hills The three winners of the giveaway have been chosen!

1st price goes to Lejnox - please contact me so I can send you the paper decorations :)
2nd and 3rd price goes to Sew Nancy and Anna E - you have been notified by email.

Thank you all for participating and for the kind and beautiful words you left in the comment field!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend. :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bonjour Paris!

14- audrey hepburn In little less then two weeks I'm going on a trip to Paris. I'm very excited about it and it feels like a big thing since it's the first time that I visit this city. It feels nice to have a little mini vacation outside of Sweden for a change, I haven't been able to have it for some years now.

If you can think of a place I shouldn't miss out on in this city, you are very velcome to leave a comment about it in the comment section :) Besides seeing beautiful monuments and visiting some museums, I'm very interested in nice cafés and places to eat and drink, vintage shops, interior design shops, antique markets and beautiful neighbourhoods / areas / streets / spots to explore. Thank you so much! :)

Oh, and don't forget that you can still enter the paper giveaway here :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's Inspiration: Studio Lenneke Wispelwey

Studio Lenneke Wispelwey
| Ceramist Lenneke Wispelwey's Studio | Photography by Louis Lemaire
Published in Drömhem & Trädgård # 6, 2013

Lenneke Wispelwey is a ceramist based in Arnhem in the Netherlands. I came across her beautiful designs when her home and studio was featured in the Swedish interior magazine "Drömhem & Trädgård" (Dream Home & Garden) issue #6, that came out recently. I love porcelain and ceramics that has a texture/look similar to folded paper and Wispelwey's ceramics with its geometrical patterns and shapes feels like the essence of this.

Wispelwey's designs are playful, characterized by structured shapes and contrasts such as being glazed on the inside but not on the outside and so on. She works mainly with pastel colours and I agree that her designs are harmonious and honest as described on her web page. She finds her inspiration in curiosa, vintage, every day life things and old childhood memories.

I fell totally in love with her workspace where her own new designs are combined with vintage furniture and curiosa. The glass bottles, the mint coloured typewriter, the filing cabinet and the ladder are some of my favourite objects.
Studio Lenneke WispelweyWispelwey's designs includes dishes, vases, buttons and even a birdhouse! I love all of them but if I have to pick a favourite it would have to be the white vase to the right in the first picture, titled "Pineapple".

You can read more about Wispelwey and see more pictures of her work here.

The article in Drömhem & Trädgård about Wispelwey was written by Simone van Heningen and Esther Jostmeijer.