Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flower of the Month (and More)

DSC_2319 This flower of the month post is dedicated to Persian buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus)!

I've seen so much of them during this entire month that I figured that I just had to make this post about them. Persian buttercups are my favourite flowers together with peonies. I only buy them about one or two times a year though, since they are not available that often and they are not as long lasting as lillies or carnations.

Persian buttercups are however such exquisite and beautiful flowers. I fully enjoy them in my home the few times I get the opportunity to have them. Like any flower their presence really lightens up the day. Except for white I love that they come in other beautiful, vibrant colours - like pink, orange, dark red and mustard yellow. And they are a thrill to capture on photo!
DSC_2316 DSC_2294 Lately I've become a little of obsessed with finding porcelain birds, old bottles and marble trays at flea markets. I find that they are all perfect to decorate the home with :) DSC_2308 DSC_2306
Time is really moving by so fast. February might possibly be the dullest month weather-wise here, but yesterday the sun really shined during the entire day. March is here in a few days and it's also the month when I will be showing the first sneak peaks of my upcoming collection.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! 

PS: Sweetest Rebecca Adolfsson who runs the blog Hallonsemla wrote a little post about me last week. I feel so honoured and flattered! I really recommend a visit to her blog - she is a very inspiring person. She takes beautiful pictures, is a great collector of vintage finds and has a lovely home. For those of you who have instagram you can also find her as @frokenadolfsson there. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan - Part II

DSC_0765 Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan I'm so happy to finally publish the other part of the pictures from Linnéa's and Stefan's apartment in Kortedala that I did a blog post about a while ago. All pictures were taken in July last year. My focus has mainly been on capturing details, since Linnéa and Stefan have som many beautiful things! 

I mentioned in the first post that they moved out of this apartment to another larger one just a few weeks after these photos were taken. So a goal of mine is to also capture their new home in the near future as well.

My visit to Linnéa and Stefan's apartment this specific day resulted in a lovely summer dinner in the evening. Ah, how I long for fresh potatoes, homegrown vegetables, saturn peaches, strawberries and everything connected with summer even more now! I hope you will enjoy the second part of the pics from this home.
Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan
Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan The french balcony. Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan The garments above were a part of Linnéas graduate collection at the University of Borås a few years ago. Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan A small cardboard house made by Linnéa.
Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan
Part of the largest room.
Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan DSC_0752 Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Part of the kitchen. Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Other People's Homes: Linnéa & Stefan Part of the reading area. The rabbit sitting in the armchair is designed by Maud Fredin Fredholm.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today's Inspiration: Last Night (2010)

Last Night - Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley as Joanna Reed. 
| Still from Last Night (2010) | Image via Alternative Film Guide |

I'm just in the process of editing the pictures from Linnéa's and Stefan's home so in the meantime I came to think of that I wanted to do a post about a film I saw just before Christmas titled "Last Night" from 2010, directed by Massy Tadjedin.  

Keira Knightley stars as the leading role and portrays a freelance fashion writer named Joanna Reed who lives together with her husband Michael (Sam Worthington) in an apartment in New York. The essential part of the story evolves around Joanna and her old love Alex, (Guillaume Canet), whom she runs into outside her local coffee shop during the second day of the film. Joanna and Alex haven't seen each other in several years, so they decide to meet in the evening to catch up and most of the story takes place then.

There was something particular about this movie's aesthetics that caught my senses. I still think about it to this day. Everything was very inspiring - the setting, the interiors, locations of NYC where it took place (mostly SoHo, Manhattan), Joanna's wardrobe and the beautiful piano soundtrack - composed by Clint Mansell.

Last Night - Keira Knightley
| Interior of NYC apartment | Image via Coffee Stained Cashmere |

Joanna and Michael lives in a beautiful industrial like apartment with wide open spaces and great big windows. It consists of many details in beige, white, black, brown, grey and nature materials like hardwood floors, wooden interiors, white painted brick walls, leather armchairs, steel light pendants and glass bottles. The apartment feels minimalistic and urban but at the same time very cosy and personal - filled with different things and many many books and magazines everywhere. I especially loved the open kitchen with the kitchen island itself and all the utensils, glassware and porcelain.

Last Night - Keira Knightley
| Images via Fanpop and Zimbio |

Knightley's character's style included a wardrobe that consisted of cosy leisurewear and a beautiful dark blue evening dress with high heels and an amazingly elegant camel coloured coat.

Last Night - Keira Knightley
| Image via Ace Showbiz |

Joanna's life as a freelance writer was portrayed so beautifully - she surrounded herself with post-its everywhere, browsed through books for inspiration and worked in cosy leisurewear. In one scene Joanna sits and writes by the computer on her desk in front of a window. That scene later inspired me to rearrange the furnitures in my own apartment and also place my work desk by the window, in order to get as much daylight as possible. 

Keira Knightley - Last Night
Last Night - Keira Knightley
Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Alex (Guillaume Canet) 
| Still from Last Night (2010) | Images via Filmstage and Indiewire |
If you happen to stumble across this movie I really recommend it. For the wonderful mood, settings, wardrobe, music and the beautiful love/friendship story between Joanna and Alex. It made me wanna walk the streets of Soho in the early mornings with a take away coffee.

I've been listening to the soundtrack from the film since Christmas. The sound of the music is melancholy yet hopeful at same time and it's been very suitable for these winter days and I'm sure it will set the right mood for upcoming spring evenings as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing Machine Adventures

Last month my sewing machine broke down. It wasn't so great. It's never broken down before. But one of the positive things when it happened was that I was forced to find another solution on how to carry on with my work. The sewing machine repearer didn't know what was wrong with the machine or how long it was going to take to fix it so I just had to wait and see.

Luckily I was able to borrow a solid old Pfaff machine from my friend Åsa when this thing happened and I also managed to have a traveling studio in southern Sweden during last month, working together with my friend Ida, borrowing her sewing machine and one at my parent's place.

It was very nice to vary the location of my work and inspiring to have lunch, dinner and coffee breaks with someone. I like working alone too, but it's more because I'm a bit forced too and I've gotten used to it because of that - since I have my studio at home and I don't share my company with anyone. I learned that it's good to vary one's work sometimes and it even made me more efficient to work like that because I was forced to plan my time even more and adapt to other people's scheduels as well.

Yesterday I went to pick up my old machine - it turned out that it was really expensive to repair so instead of cashing it out I decided to trade it in and buy a new, much better one. When the old machine broke down I really did some thinking. It was a relief to realise that it might be better in a long-term perspective to invest in a better machine that could make even prettier stitches, was more reliable, with a long quarantee and adapted to advanced everyday production. Since the old machine is repaired and ready to go I'm sure that someone will be happy to buy it and use it on a spare time basis :)

I'm very happy to start producing the samples from my upcoming collection on this new machine. And everything feels much better and sustainable now that I've made the descision to invest in a new one that I can really trust (sounds like I'm talking about a real person)! :)

From one thing to another: My friend Ysabel Arias just started an interview series on her website HIJA DE GUERRA Y PAZ and I was the first one to participate! Ysabel is a great photographer, illustrator and writer, so I really recommend a visit to her website. You can also read the whole interview with me here :)

Coming up next - the second part of Linnéa's & Stefan's home!