Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Day of October and Some News!

Oh my! October has been quite a busy month! Among other things, I've photographed, edited and updated my shop with another line of new origami patterns that I've designed. It's been exciting and once again I have to say thank you and tell you how happy I am that the origami collection has been received so well. In the next few days I will post a few pics of the new patterns here on the blog as well!

The origami collection started out more as a fun and extra addition to my clothing line, but I've noticed during these last six months since I launched it, that it has taken on a larger proportion than I expected and could ever imagine.

During the summer I was sewing my dress orders during daytime and folding origami orders during night time. During late summer I realised that I couldn't juggle both at the same time any longer because the workload got to big. I'm a clothing designer at heart and always will be, but my heart also beats fast for graphic design, pattern making, origami, hand craft and paper products. Which is why I've now chosen to switch the bigger focus of my company to paper/origami and graphic design. From now on I will continue to expand the paper section with more origami patterns and other paper products - which feels like an amazing and very exciting thing! (And of course a bit of a scary and hard descision to make)! I'm hoping that I will still make a garment and put up for sale now and then, and some Liberty dresses will still be available in my shop. But from now on the big focus will be on paper products and graphic design! :D

Another thing: During the weekend I made a short trip to southern Sweden to visit my family and in a corner of a big parking lot I noticed these amazing dahlias. There has been an ongoing dahlia theme here on the blog since this summer and I just had to post these late bloomers as well. I was surprised that it was still 16 °C in southern Sweden - a wonderful interruption in the middle of the grey rainy Gothenburg autumn weather! ;)

See you in a few days!

P.S. I now also have a VSCO Grid that I update I little now and then! :)


  1. Åh, vad roligt! Lycka till! Hoppas på att du har lite tid över för en specialbeställning på klänning till nästa sommar dock! :)

    1. Tusen tack, Lai! Ja, jag tänkte fortsätta ta specialbeställningar vid efterfrågan, och speciellt under sommaren nästa år! :)

  2. Hi! your work is so wonderful I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life.

    Have a lovely weekend, beautiful pics too!


    1. Thank you so much Mariela! It always makes me happy to read your beautiful words! :) I'm glad you like the pics as well! Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


  3. Hej! Såg ditt magiskt fina hem i Aftonbladets bilaga idag! Så fint du bor! Finaste jag sett på länge!

    1. Hej Lo!
      Åh, vad roligt att du såg mitt hem i Härligt Hemma! :) Tack för din fina kommentar! Blir jätteglad av att höra att du tycker mitt hem är fint!

  4. Vad fint du skapar, både klänningar och i ditt hem. Vilken härlig artikel i Aftonbladet och vilka fina bilder. Älskar ditt hem!


    1. Hej Anna!

      Tusen tack för din fina kommentar, blev jätteglad av att läsa den! Vad roligt att du läste artikeln om mig och att du gillar mitt hem! :)