Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Flower Pics From The Garden Society

I usually stroll through The Garden Society - a park and garden near the area where I live now and then. This garden has a collection of over 1500 different kinds of roses and I wanted to photograph so many of them! But when I was there in the beginning of this week the sun was a bit to high in the sky, so it was difficult to not get pictures that were too exposed. So instead I photographed some of their hydrangeas and roses that were growing in the shades :)

I hope to go to The Garden Society some day soon again, since I wouldn't want to miss out to photograph their beautiful rose collection before it has entirely bloomed out. Last year I captured their roses and wrote a post about this particular garden. It's so beautiful there - one of the most beautiful places in Gothenburg. Every time I walk around there I feel calm and happy.
DSC_3145 July is nice and hot! I'm in Southern Sweden during this weekend and last night one of my friends from high school got married. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I had a great time at the dinner and party afterwards - hanging out with some of my best friends, enjoying good food, desserts and listening to my friend, her husband, their relatives and friends sharing thoughts, memories and speeches about their love for each other.

I hope you've had a beautiful weekend too! See you soon! :)


  1. it's amazing that you live nearby in a place like this. how i wish such place exists in the Phillippines too.

    1. Oh, yes! It's an absolutely amazing place! :) I wish these kinds of gardens existed everywhere!