Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gloomy Summer Days and Thank You Hugs

I've been working on orders as usual in the studio this week. It's been cloudy and rainy almost every day since I got back from Paris. Today the city is covered in fog. I've bought a bunch of peonies just to keep the summer feeling inside the studio/apartment. I'm glad they are still around so I can enjoy them together with all the strawberries that came late this year!

Some thank you hugs:

In June I was interviewed by writer Anna Nisslert for NordicStyleMag. We talked a lot about being an idealist in the fashion business, trying to change the way people consume and the importance of feeling content. You can read the whole interview with me here.

Last week Ulrika Kullenberg, who runs the interior design blog Mackapär featured some pics that photographer Sofia Byström took of my home. I truly recommend a visit to Ulrika's blog - it's filled with inspiring interior pics.

Last but not least the lovely Nanna van Berlekom who runs the beautiful blog Så fint jag vill wrote a post about The Hamptons Collection and Collected Paper Trails last week. Nanna's blog has been on my reading list over the past months since I found it. It's has a summery, inspiring and warm feeling to it. I heartily recommend a visit there. 


The honeycomb animals are from Ingela Arrhenius. And the flowers in the pics are from my parent's garden in southern Sweden. I do wonder about the white flower - does anyone know the name of it? :)


  1. your blog is so beauty-full. congratulations on all your features!

  2. The white flower is a hydrangea.