Friday, July 5, 2013

Collected Paper Trails Retailer: Formfröken

Today I'm very happy to present the first retailer of the Collected Paper Trails collection. My origami birds and balls have just moved into the lovely Malmö based interior design store, Formfröken.

The store is sandwiched between some nice second hand furniture boutiques in the area off Fersens väg, close to the Opera house, with the cute Petite Violette as a close neighbour. I visited Formfröken for the first time in May, on my way to the harbour to have iced coffee, when the sun was on full display and the entire neighbourhood appeared in Saturday summer mood.

I was instantly charmed by the shop's positive energy, enjoying the airy atmosphere, beatiful square-patterned floor and, particularly, the mix of vintage and new things. Angelica Olofsson, the owner, turned out to be a darling person and I could have spent the entire day chatting over coffee with her.

I'm very pleased to see my paper decorations in her care, mingling with the elegant selection of cheramic birds, vintage furniture, redesigned clothes and pretty prints.

If you find yourself in Malmö I really recommend a visit to this store! :)



  1. Åh, dit ska jag ta mig! Åker till Malmö i morgon och sen Göteborg!

    1. Ja! Det måste du! Vad trevligt med en Malmö- och Göteborgstripp! :)