Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing Machine Adventures

Last month my sewing machine broke down. It wasn't so great. It's never broken down before. But one of the positive things when it happened was that I was forced to find another solution on how to carry on with my work. The sewing machine repearer didn't know what was wrong with the machine or how long it was going to take to fix it so I just had to wait and see.

Luckily I was able to borrow a solid old Pfaff machine from my friend Åsa when this thing happened and I also managed to have a traveling studio in southern Sweden during last month, working together with my friend Ida, borrowing her sewing machine and one at my parent's place.

It was very nice to vary the location of my work and inspiring to have lunch, dinner and coffee breaks with someone. I like working alone too, but it's more because I'm a bit forced too and I've gotten used to it because of that - since I have my studio at home and I don't share my company with anyone. I learned that it's good to vary one's work sometimes and it even made me more efficient to work like that because I was forced to plan my time even more and adapt to other people's scheduels as well.

Yesterday I went to pick up my old machine - it turned out that it was really expensive to repair so instead of cashing it out I decided to trade it in and buy a new, much better one. When the old machine broke down I really did some thinking. It was a relief to realise that it might be better in a long-term perspective to invest in a better machine that could make even prettier stitches, was more reliable, with a long quarantee and adapted to advanced everyday production. Since the old machine is repaired and ready to go I'm sure that someone will be happy to buy it and use it on a spare time basis :)

I'm very happy to start producing the samples from my upcoming collection on this new machine. And everything feels much better and sustainable now that I've made the descision to invest in a new one that I can really trust (sounds like I'm talking about a real person)! :)

From one thing to another: My friend Ysabel Arias just started an interview series on her website HIJA DE GUERRA Y PAZ and I was the first one to participate! Ysabel is a great photographer, illustrator and writer, so I really recommend a visit to her website. You can also read the whole interview with me here :)

Coming up next - the second part of Linnéa's & Stefan's home!

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  1. Every time I visit your blog I want to follow you around and slip all the beautiful coffee mugs that I see into my very big purse. :) Have a wonderful week.