Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flower of the Month (and More)

DSC_2319 This flower of the month post is dedicated to Persian buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus)!

I've seen so much of them during this entire month that I figured that I just had to make this post about them. Persian buttercups are my favourite flowers together with peonies. I only buy them about one or two times a year though, since they are not available that often and they are not as long lasting as lillies or carnations.

Persian buttercups are however such exquisite and beautiful flowers. I fully enjoy them in my home the few times I get the opportunity to have them. Like any flower their presence really lightens up the day. Except for white I love that they come in other beautiful, vibrant colours - like pink, orange, dark red and mustard yellow. And they are a thrill to capture on photo!
DSC_2316 DSC_2294 Lately I've become a little of obsessed with finding porcelain birds, old bottles and marble trays at flea markets. I find that they are all perfect to decorate the home with :) DSC_2308 DSC_2306
Time is really moving by so fast. February might possibly be the dullest month weather-wise here, but yesterday the sun really shined during the entire day. March is here in a few days and it's also the month when I will be showing the first sneak peaks of my upcoming collection.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! 

PS: Sweetest Rebecca Adolfsson who runs the blog Hallonsemla wrote a little post about me last week. I feel so honoured and flattered! I really recommend a visit to her blog - she is a very inspiring person. She takes beautiful pictures, is a great collector of vintage finds and has a lovely home. For those of you who have instagram you can also find her as @frokenadolfsson there. :)


  1. Those flowers are truly beautiful. I love their stalks. Such character.

    I have become obsessed with filling my rooms with flowers to brighten up these dull days but the daffodils are starting to come out in the garden which is so exciting.

    Can't wait to see some of your new collection.


    1. I couldn't agree more, Isabel! These flowers really have such character. Thank you for your lovely comment. Flowers is a great way to brighten up dull days. I'm so happy to hear that daffodils are starting to come out in your garden, that means spring is on its way!

      Can't wait to show some sneak peaks of my collection soon!


  2. Vilket vacker hem du har, designklassikerna avlöser liksom varandra på ett perfekt vis :) kram från YStad

    1. Tusen tack kära du! Vad fint sagt! :) Har varit ett par dagar i Skåne och Ystad var jag för övrigt och promenerade i igår, en så otroligt vacker stad!

  3. lovely post Lisa Marie!
    can't wait to see the new and for sure wonderful collection!

    1. Thank you so much, Katy! Can't wait to show the first sneak peaks of the new collection! ♥