Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Notebook(s)

DSC_1301DSC_1318 I have a slight obsession when it comes to notebooks. At the moment they are the most important tool for me to have when it comes to organizing my work. I always carry one with me and without any of them Up The Wooden Hills would be quite a mess! :) At the moment I'm using my perfect bound notebook from Orla Kiely that I bought earlier this year.

A few days ago I visited Copenhagen and stopped by a little book shop called Cinnober. It was like notebook heaven in there - so many different notebooks in different sizes with different designs suitable for someone like me, who writes lists every day! If you are ever in Copenhagen I can recommend a visit. Besides notebooks and office supplies the store also carries litterature about art, fashion, fotography and graphic design. The shop is located at Landemærket 9 in Copenhagen K. 

I bought two notebooks when I was there - a smaller one with a bird on the cover made by a Korean brand called O-Check Design Graphics, and a coral coloured one in a larger format with the names of each day of the week printed in advance on each paper sheet inside. I felt that it was useful to have a notebook like the latter to be able to break down the work strukture for each day better. But I also have to admit that I mainly bought it because it was so beautifully designed! The coral notebook is from a series called "Paperways" by Pansydaisy, also a Korean brand that designs different types of stationery. 

Tomorrow The Blue Hour Collection will be released! See you then :)


  1. Oh please, stop teasing, I am getting impatient to see the Blue Hour Collection !!!
    I also love beautiful notebooks, but never manage to fill them. They usually stay unused while are my "to do" lists are written on random post-its everywhere !


    1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean, Geneviève! I also had a lot of notbooks that were unused for a long time, but over the past year I figured that I might as well use them, even though sometimes I think they might be too pretty to just write "to do" lists in! ;-) But sometimes it's actually just easier to organize everything by writing it on post-its instead :-)