Friday, June 1, 2012

Bruket Design Market

Anna Pernilla Cards designed by Anna Pernilla

February was a rather busy and chaotic month - I was getting the SS12 collection ready for the Fresh Fish fair that I was participating in and in the middle of all the planning and sewing I also participated as one of the vendors of a design market called Bruket, which was held on the last Sunday of February this year.

I’ve been meaning to do this post about Bruket for some time but in the end of each day during the last months I had very little time left to edit the pictures I took during my day there. So I decided to save the post about it for this week since I’m also participating as a vendor in the second round of the market that is held on this Sunday, June 3rd, at Kulturhallen, Götaforsliden 17 in Mölndal.

Mölndal (Mill Valley) is a town close to Gothenburg which used to be famous for its many mills. Through the city goes a river which the mills drew their powers from and it was also the river that made it possible for the town to develop an industrial society with oil mills, paper and textile industries later on during the nineteenth century. All of the industries closed down a long time ago and nowdays the industrial buildings houses different businesses, museums, craftsmen and artistic activities.

Bruket was held in one of these old buildings that is nowdays a culture hall. The hall itself was an open space with lots of windows and on the floor there were round windows built in where you could see the beautiful river gush underneath - a bit scary but at the same time very stunning! And a great location for a design market.

To participate in this market was even more inspiring than I could have hoped for. I talked to a lot of nice people who visited and I also got the chance to talk  many of the vendors who were all such kind and truly inspiring people. Everyone of them were so talented and I really admire their work alltogether. I have to mention a few of them though: Anna Saltzman, co-founder/owner of Butik Kubik, a shop located in Gothenburg that carries clothes from independent brands with small-scale productions. Anna also has her own clothing brand called Spoon. We took the same bus to the culture hall and had some great chats on our way over there and on the way home. A new aquaintance for me was also Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad, an amazing artist who also loves Liberty fabrics and has her own brand Mayor Ekeblad. She does artwork, graphic prints and necklaces with owls among other things and has an absolutely beautiful studio in Gothenburg that I've been very lucky to visit a few times afterwards. During the last hour I also had a little chat with Maria Lofjärd - a lovely and sympathetic person who is the owner and designer of the children's clothing brand Cloo. She designs ecological, sustainably produced, neutral and beautiful children's clothes. Maria was also one of the exhibitiors of Fresh Fish and she is going to be one of the vendors again at the market this Sunday.

Many thanks to Charlotte, Ann-Sofie and Åsa for coming up with the idea of the market, for arranging it and for gathering so many great designers under the same roof. Thanks to all the amazing vendors, all the visitors and those of you who came by and said hello! The first round of the market in February was a great sucess with many visitors and I hope it will be the same this time.

If you are close to Gothenburg (or in Gothenburg) you should definitely take a little trip to Mölndal this Sunday and pay the market a visit. I will be there with my dresses so don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! :)

Location: Kulturhallen, Götaforsliden 17, Kvarnbyn, Mölndal
Bus stop: Mölndals museum
Date & time: Sunday, June 3rd, 11.00 am to 16.00 pm

The pictures in this post were taken when the market was held in February :)

Anna Pernilla www.annapernilla.seAnna Pernilla Anna Pernilla www.annapernilla.seCards, pillow cases, children's tees, cutting boards and totes by Anna Pernilla (Pernilla Andersson)

Plingsulli Plingsulli Plingsulli Plingsulli Textile dolls and animals, postcards, trays and fridge magnets by lovely Ulrika Gustafsson - Plingsulli, who also did an amazing collaboration with the interior brand Ferm Living for their Kids SS12 collection.
  Ejvor Colourful sponge bags and pencil cases by Ejvor (Madeleine Engelin & Sofie Lind)

Spoon Clothing by the brand Spooon, designed by Anna Saltzman.
  Hiyoko hiyoko-design.blogspot.comHiyoko Hiyoko Hiyoko Hiyoko hiyoko-design.blogspot.comOrigami designs by Hiyoko

Camilla Broyn Porcelain candle lamps, candle holders, jewellery and trays by Camilla Broyn

Up The Wooden Hills My dresses! :) Up The Wooden Hills

Kontor Kontur Kontor Kontur Kontor Kontur Graphic interior designs and postcards by Kontor Kontur

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad www.mayorekeblad.sePillows in Liberty fabrics, trays, necklaces, monocles, prints and cutting boards made with Liberty fabrics by Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Bruket Bruket


  1. So many amazing creations! <3 I love love love the cat tray!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

    1. I really agree with you, Jo! So many amazing creations. And the cat tray is just so wonderful - one of my favourites too! I want it :)


      Lisa Marie

  2. wow, many nice things! I wish we would have markets like that here, too..

    1. Oh, I really agree! There were so many things I wanted to buy... You will have to visit Sweden sometime, I think you would have really loved the design markets here :)

  3. Vilken underbar post om Bruket!! Tack för så fin reklam och fina bilder :-)
    Vi är så glada att du är med även nu på söndag! Vi ses då!
    /Åsa, Bruket

    1. Hej Åsa!!
      Vad roligt att du gillade den :) Tänkte att det var en bra idé att göra en post om det precis innan marknaden var igen. Tack för en fin och trevlig marknad!

      Lisa Marie

  4. Jag hade sjukt gärna kommit, alltid kul med sådana designmarknader! Men jag får mig pallra mig till götet en annan gång då du ställer ut :)

    1. Åh, det hade varit jätteroligt om du hade kommit dit! Tror du skulle gilla de andra utställarnas grejer jättemycket också. Men det kommer säkerligen fler tillfällen :) Hoppas vi ses någon gång snart! :)