Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sun in my morning

I've been spring cleaning my apartment and studio space this weekend. It's so nice to feel that the desk is cleared when the new work week begins. To celebrate spring I also got some tulips, daffodlis and geraniums for my home. I really enjoy it when the apartment is filled with sunlight in the morning. My favourite season has finally started!


  1. Så underbart att din fina lägenhet kom med i en sån fin tidning! Och att din lägenhet representerar Göteborg! Grattis : )

  2. Your desk looks so much more organized than mine! Love all the bright colors. And I want your teacup on the bottom with the mushrooms!

  3. Shokoofeh: Thank you so much!

    Steffi: Thank you! I guess they reflect the mood I'm currently in :)

    I min garderob: Tack för din fina kommentar! Ja, visst är det roligt att den kom med i tidningen och fick representera Göteborg! Det känns fortfarande helt overkligt :) Tusen tack :) Kram!

    Melanie: Thank you! It's organized at the moment but it won't be that for too long ;) I'm glad you like the colours and the teacup. It's from a design duo called Studio Violet :)

  4. oh, your studio looks so pretty. and organized! i love the bird origami -- do you have a link on how to make these little birds, by any chance? :)

  5. Hi Odessa :)

    Thank you so much! The studio is organized right now, but it won't be for too long ;) But it's nice to have a clean desk sometimes :) Thank you for your comment!

    Here is a link on how to make the bird origami:

    It's a really good tutorial, I learned how to do paper cranes by watching this clip a few times. I hope you find it interesting - and good luck with making paper birds :)