Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Paper cranes
Paper cranes
Paper cranes
My studio is currently in a big big mess. I need to get more organized but it's always difficult when it comes to your workspace. All things in here are searching for chaos - needles are on the floor and threads are all over my socks!

Later this week I will hopefully be able to show you the first little sneak peaks from the S/S 12 collection.

I'm very fond of origami folding at the moment and I recently spent some evenings making more paper cranes that I could decorate my apartment with. The cranes are now attached to the roof and every time I look up at the ceiling and see the them spinning slowly I feel calm and inspired. I think it has to do with the simple and very sublte expression origami somehow gives. I like that that both the process of folding and then looking at the result gives you a sort of detoxed feeling. Origami rocks!

See you soon :)


  1. it looks so lovely: the studio and the birds! i like the simplicity very much.

  2. Oh, I love origami so much too!!! I first picked it up as a way to make cool airplanes with my son:) After that, I started learning more and more. I'm still not great at making cranes, but working on it!

  3. I love origami too, and cranes are one of my favorite forms. I love how pure and contemporary your origami mobile looks. And I appreciate seeing how you assembled your paper cranes. It gives me ideas of how to string my own. :)

  4. You've made so many and they're beautiful!
    Look forward to seeing your new designs :)
    Kat x

  5. Sophie: Thank you for your lovely comment - I'm glad you like it :)

    Carolina: Airplanes are a great way to start! I can only make cranes and paper flowers at the moment but I want to learn more. I'm sure you will be able to make perfect cranes soon :)

    Susanne Alise:
    Cranes are one of my favorite forms too! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm glad it inspired you on how to assemble you cranes :)

    Kat: Thank you, I'm so glad you like them! I'm very excited to show my new designs soon :) Lots of love!