Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Between Holidays

The days between New Year's eve and Twelfth Day always feels a bit slow. I'm still a bit in the "in between holidays mood" but the work routines in the studio are slowly coming back together again.

I'm very excited about the new year, and as you know I look very much forward to spring and summer, since they are my favourite seasons of the year. At the moment I'm also working hard on getting the Spring/Summer 2012 collection ready to present to you!

Yesterday I got myself a beautiful new notebook from Orla Kiely. It's always a great thing to start the new year with a new notebook or a sketchbook :)


  1. Exactly the notebook I need! Perfect!

  2. i like the bear. we have some of the other Kay Bojesen figures :)

  3. June: Oh, I'm glad you think so! It's a great notebook :)

    Sophie: Yes, he's cute isn't he! That's great to hear - the Kay Bojesen figures are great to collect :)

  4. hi lisa marie
    i have been meaning to write to you for a long time.
    since the lovely elisabeth did a post about you on fine little day.

    it seems that it is easy to get easy and not say hello, though i do like to visit here.

    what has prompted me is your new notebook, i just posted about a similar one.
    i love it, but can't quite start writing in it because it is so nice!

    happy sewing
    love - all the way from australia :)

    jasmin x