Monday, August 29, 2011

Let the new season begin.

AW 11
I'm so sorry for my lack of absence here lately! The summer has been quite hectic - but in a good way! I hope you all had a great year so far and hopefully there are still some nice days left of the summer to look forward to before the fall season begins for real.

I would like to say thank you to all of you lovely ladies who ordered an Up The Wooden Hills dress during this spring and summer! It's been so much fun to make them all and to see them go to different destinations all over the world :) I've spent all of my days working in the studio and it has been so much fun :)

I'm very happy to also tell all of you blog readers that Up The Wooden Hills Autumn/Winter collection 2011 is about to take form as we speak and I'm very excited to show you the finished pieces soon.

Today I'm sharing these pictures with you of lovely lilies I bought the other day - they are so beautiful to look at now that I'm working so intensively with the A/W collection in the studio each day. I hope you like them.

See you soon!