Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I found a bear

In the end of the summer I found a wooden bear. He was a little damaged - the varnish was gone, some paint from his nose was on his cheek and he was in two pieces when I spotted him at a place in Gothenburg that sells damaged goods. He had been rescued from a warehouse that had been filled with water due to a flood in Copenhagen this summer.

The bear is new and made out of oak and maple. He was designed by Kay Bojesen, who also designed the wooden monkey in the picture. The monkey is rather old and made out of teak and limba. My dad had him as a kid and later on he gave him to me when I was a child.

The bird is made out of teak and pine. Unlike the bear and the monkey who functions mainly as design objects, he is a utility object - because he has a corkscrew hidden inside :) I found him in a vintage store a few years ago. His hairdo reveals that he might be a woodpecker. I'm not sure who designed him, even though I think he resembles the bear and the monkey a lot - apart from the eyes :)


  1. How cute they are! And how nice it looks with the wood and the green in the picture! Kram

  2. Linnéa: Thank you! Your comment was really sweet :) Kramar