Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sheer dresses, sheer beauty

Sheer dresses in polyester, all from H&M. Necklace from my grandmother (heritage).

After reading Fieldguided’s post about sheer blouses I noticed that a lot of stores in Sweden carries garments in sheer fabrics these days and my own wardrobe even has a small collection of them including blouses, dresses and skirts, both old and new - in silk, cupro and polyester. My favourite is a pleated sheer dress in muted pink that I bought in springtime 2007 (picture #4). I think it will probably be a part of my wardrobe for the rest of my life if nothing bad happens to it. I only wear it on very special occassions since I think it's a bit too pretty to wear often. In the meantime it hangs on my wall so I can look at it everyday for inspiration, almost like a piece of art :)

I recently bought two slevless sheer dresses with ruffles (same model, different colours) from H&M made of recycled polyester which equals recycled fibres from petbottles or textile waste. The dresses were a part of their conscious collection - a line of clothes made out of more environmental friendly produced materials, that besides recycled polyester includes tencel (lyocell) and organic cotton. I think it’s great that bigger companys within the fashion industry are starting become a bit more conscious about their impact on the environment. And the use of more sustainable materials is one step in a better direction. I just hope they will consider to improve the working conditions for their employees in their factories soon enough too.


  1. Älskar den där ostronfärgen!
    Jag måste våra upp mig lite. Är fortfarande i fas svart...

  2. idelwood: eller hur är den fin! Åh, men svart är ju alltid gångbart och vackert, även om det kan bli lite varmt när det är sommarväder :)