Saturday, April 9, 2011

Apartment corners spring 2011

Lower shelf left to right: 1. Cups with blue flower print "Nelly" from Rörstrand. 2. Cup with red cross stich pattern from Gustavsberg. 3. Tray with blue herrings "Sill" from Almedahls, graphic design by Marianne Nilson. 4. Jars from Åhléns. 5. Asian porcleain dolls, gift from my mum. 6. White porcleain cat, (second-hand) from Sopstationen, Malmö. 7. Cups and saucers "Prisma" from Gustavsberg, graphic design by Bibi Breger. 8. Wooden monkey designed by Kay Boyesen, gift from my dad. Upper shelf to the right: Glass bowls, vases and book "Det blommande hemmet (The blossoming home) ", heritage from my grandmother. Green blue glass bottle, gift from my dad. 3. Glass candy bowl, (second-hand) from Myrorna, Malmö.

Hello all of my dear readers!
I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in the blog lately. I blame the Swedish weather - which is the most common subject matter here nowdays it seems :) It's been grey, rainy, windy and gloomy in Gothenburg in the latest two weeks and it's been really hard to find inspiration and taking pictures has been a bit difficult because of the grey light. But these last two days have been a bit warmer and sunny so I guess there is still hope that spring is just around the corner. I hope you are all having a great weekend! Here are some pictures from my apartment this week.

Left to right: 1. Teapot "Mon Amie" from Gustavsberg, graphic design by Marianne Westman. 2. Coaster with graphic flower print, (designer unknown), from a design market in Borås. 5. Wooden tray from Åhléns. 4. Sauce can "Lotus gul" from Gustavsberg, graphic design by Bibi Breger. 5. Blue glass milk can, sugar bowl and tray, heritage from my grandmother. 6. Cup "Krokus" from Gustavsberg, graphic design by Margareta Hennix. 7. Cup and sauser "Berså" from Gustavsberg, graphic design by Stig Lindberg. Upper shelf, left to right: 1. Cup with green leaves, (vintage) from a flea market in Skurup. 2. Pink glass cups and saucers from Indiska. 3. White cups and saucers, (second-hand) from Sopstationen, Malmö. 4. Cups "Fontana" from Gefle, graphic design by Berit Ternell.

Green teddybear from Acne JR. Pillow + pillow case from Ikea. Love seat, 1950's vintage piece from Nordhems Konst & Design, Gothenburg.

New plant!
The cross stitch print in the middle is made by artist and designer Elisabeth Dunker. Visit her beautiful blog/website Fine Little Day here. The flower and bird illustrations are from old books I found at a book market at Gothenburg's Natural History Museum last fall.


  1. Aw such a sweet place with beautiful stuff you have! Thanks for sharing, it's so inspiring! :-)

  2. åh, vad fint! jag vill komma på besök!! knus!

  3. Shokoofeh: Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad to hear that you found the post inspiring :)

    idelwood: ja, du får komma och hälsa på snart!! knus!

  4. I love all your flowery/leafy cups!

  5. Det knäppa är att jag såg det här inlägget och tänkte att det var en väldigt fin träsoffa du hade. Och dagen efter hittar jag en nästan likadan i ett gammalt förråd!

  6. Jennu: Åh! Du gör alltid de bästa fynden! Nu träsoffan och innan den där fina maskeradplåtburken! :D